A young company, but with over fifty years of experience

NewVis Srl is a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of starter drives and overrunning alternator pulleys,, electrical components, spare parts and other components made to order for the reconditioning of starter motors and alternators. Born in September 2012 in Piedmont, the heart of the European auto industry, it has combined competence with its long history of success in the sector of components and spare parts for motor vehicles and Made in Italy mechanical engineering.


Three generations, one reality

Thanks to its entrepreneurial concept, NewVis Srl can rely on a highly qualified technical team that includes three generations of constantly increasing competence and experience that has enabled the company to consolidate in the automotive sector.
NewVis employs IT and management experts, young professionals working alongside expert specialized workers like lathe and milling machine operators, and designers with two decades of experience in the metalworking and craft automotive sectors. Our managers are graduates in technical industrial design, international commerce and political science.
We export Made in Italy technology to over 15 countries, including Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Libya, the Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Spain, the United States, South Africa, Sweden, Tunisia, and Hungary.

Dynamism, flexibility and innovation

NewVis Srl’s organization and skills enable continuous expansion of its product range for all applications on the Italian and international markets.
NewVis holds the historic Italian trademark Vis Nova.

Logo Visnova

Design, production, distribution

The extensive experience in design of our technical department makes it possible to provide our numerous customers with an always current and up-to-date product range. Starter drives and overrunning alternator pulleys: the very extensive catalogue of our Made in Italy production, constantly updated, offers applications for all brands present on the automotive market, with variants also upon request and from drawings. We distribute brush-holders and components for starter motor reduction gears in Italy and around the world, as well as starter motors and alternators for Korean applications.


Experts in production

Gear cutters, grinding machines, milling machines, lathes, broaching machines and N.C. machine ensure attention to the smallest details for a high-quality product, monitored by highly experienced staff that are constantly expanding their skills. Our facilities and machinery give us great breadth of range and adaptability to customers’ needs, making us competitive at the international level.

Quality materials and certified technology

We use the best materials available on the market:

  • - 20MnCr5 case-hardened steel
  • Molykote 7325 and G-5025 (NEW TYPE)
  • C98TMP steel free-wheel springs
  • UNI 100 Cr6 steel for free-wheel rollers

In addition, the particulars that we work on internally after the heat treatment, which already issues us the certificate of conformity, are further tested in our laboratory.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification.

This enables us to have leading companies in the automotive supply chain and major distributors in Italy, Europe, Africa and the United States as customers.


Customer care: our work, your satisfaction

Our quality standards also apply in terms of assistance, technical competence and consulting, offering you continuous technical and commercial support. We can guide you in the choice in our catalogue or carry out sample-based researches.
Our Customer Care service does not limit itself to after-sales assistance as it aims to help you also in the search for the best required product.


Shipment throughout the world and personalized services

The great flexibility of our production, together with the efficiency of our logistics department, enable us to make shipments throughout the world every day, for any order quantity.

We offer commercial solutions that are customized for every need.

Contact us for price lists, terms of sale and ongoing promotions.

If you are a wholesaler a workshop, a motor vehicle electrician , or a retailer of spare parts and electrical components for cars , contact us to find out about the best offer reserved for you.